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NOSD Is Pleased To Announce:  The Baby Doll Ladies' Centennial Exhibition titled, “Baby Dolls: Living Tradition & History” (premiered January 18, 2013) at the Presbytere, La. State Museum.  NOSD in association with The LA State Museum, provided belated recognition to our unique masking, music and dance folklore, which is also an important part of Louisiana's history and American pop culture. 

NOSD is Pleased to Announce:  Our feature article on CNN; IMPACT YOUR WORLD, entitled: "Baby Doll Ladies' modern Celebration of African-American history."

NOSD is Pleased to Announce:  Our feature article in Offbeat Magazine's online editorial (2/16/12), "The Babydolls are 100 and Brand New This Carnival" by Sam Primeaux (Photo credit -Jeffrey Dupuis)


NOSD is Pleased to Announce:  Our feature spread in the LA Cultural Vistas Magazine (Winter 2010-11 edition), "They Call Me Baby Doll; Resurrection of a Mardi Gras Tradition" by Dr. Kim Vaz (NOSD (group) Photo Credit -Jeffrey Dupuis; NOSD (poster) Photo Credit -J.Holmes)


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